Éric MARCHÉ, your baker


Which are the main specialities of your bakery?

    -the best croissant of Loire-Atlantique made with butter (contest in 2009)

    -the Pain Sportif (Rye, flour of tradition, roasted hazelnuts, apricots and grapes) which also received the      first prize of the Aromatic bread in 2009

    -the Baguette de l’Erdre

How can you explain your passion for this job ?

    The smell of the warm bread, the color of a well cooked crust (between  honey and toffy),  the bread which sings when we break it,  the flavour of the crumb which melts in the mouth and its harmony with almost all the dishes.

What makes you happy in this job ?

        The work of the dough on leaven, the pleasure to hear customers to say to you they liked your bread.

What are the key values you defend ?

        Essentially the TASTE 



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