We attach great importance concerning the origin of our raw materials that we select rigorously in order to offer you some products with the best possible quality. Thus we call in local suppliers, mainly from Loire-Atlantique. Our flour comes from the Girardeau flourmill (located in the commune of Boussay ) which provides the 70% of its flour production to bakeries. Our flours are certified bio or Red Label (without additive nor conservative) and are crushed by the use of the stonerick, which provides more nutriments and mineral salts. 

Sugar and butter we use come from Breton suppliers of raw materials. We also collaborate with the Bertin and Michard company which provides us the various ingredients of sandwiches, quiches and cakes, as well as the resale products (drinks, confectioneries,…).


Respect for the environment

In the current ecological context, we think it’s normal that everybody feel concerned by the respect for the environment and make an effort to contribute. Thus we put the shoulder to the wheel !!!

The energy intended for the bakery lighting and the operation of the machines has been used with low tension. Moreover, the proximity of the suppliers makes it possible to limit displacements, so it contributes to reduce gas emissions. All the cardboard boxes we use for pastry makings as well as the majority of packing are entirely recyclable. At last, we work only from flours resulting from the reasoned and controlled agriculture.


Our bread is essentially sowed on natural leaven. This ancestral technique of manufacture improves its taste and enables a longer conservation. Our bread is based on a long fermentation, which is beneficial for flavours and savours. For further informations, do not hesitate to ask our team which is at your disposal.





Champ de blé